Backcountry ski and snowboard gear, camping

Here are some videos shot in the Tahoe and Eastern Sierra backcountry.  Hope you like 'em.  

  The Dark Side.  An instant classic.  "AT Anonymous" sent this video in to us.  It is the touching story of a tele-skier's struggle to come to grips with his gear obsession and occasional drift to the "dark side" of bc skiing -- fixed heel (egad!) alpine touring. 


  Patience in the Crystal Range.  You need patience if you are 'schwacking through the mid-June manzanita and snow-free talus to get late-season turns in the Tahoe backcountry (edit: C. Gallardo).
  Virginia Lakes CornFest 2003  25 backcountry aficionados (and a few dogs) tear up the bowls and chutes of Virginia Lakes (edit: C. Gallardo).
  Fun in the Palisades. Skiing the chutes and glaciers of the Palisades, May 2003 (edit: C. Gallardo).
  Ski Dreams on Matterhorn Peak.  A vid of our overnight trip to ski the east ramp ("Ski Dreams") Couloir on Matterhorn Peak.
  Two Dudes, Two Dogs.  Join Paul & Karl, Nils & Soleil on a stormy powder day in the Carson Pass backcountry.
  Ralston-to-Echo.  A sweet trip!  April powder on the backside of Ralston, linked with a traverse over to Echo Peak.  (Edit by C.Gallardo)
  Road Trippin' to Rock Creek.  Chris's epic vid of our March 2003 trip to ski the Hourglass Couloir on Mt. Dade.  (Edit by C.Gallardo) 
  From Civilization to Desolation.  Corn skiing on Dicks Peak in January?  Yes indeed.  This was an incredible trip with warm temps, full moon and good buds.
  Mt. Conness Summer Skiing.  This vid is 1/2 stills and 1/2 video, but it does have some sweet footage of Chris dropping the "S-couloir" below Mt. Conness.

The Big Kuna -- Yosemite Corn Harvest.  The first vid I ever made, and one of my favorite backcountry trips ever.