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January 2006


Sunday -- "BIG SUNDAY" on Gaylor Peak

Sunday was one of those classic days that melds itself into your consciousness and won't easily be forgotten.  The skies were an uninterrupted deep blue, the snow was light, fluffy and plentiful, and there were plenty of good friends around to help break trail.  Mark and I did a mini-tour before breakfast just to check out the morning light.  Then, after a monster breakfast, we all set out for Tioga Pass with our sights on Gaylor Peak.  We broke into two groups, one of which climbed the east side, the other climbed the south side.  We met at the top for lunch and then everyone took turns ripping down the mountain with a huge permagrin.

Note:  clicking on any photograph will present a full screen version.


Sunrise on Tioga Peak


Storm clearing on Mammoth Peak

Steezy b/w shot of Mark touring underneath Tioga Peak


Group #1 ("the Sandbaggers") heads off into Dana Meadows...

...while Group #2 starts climbing Gaylor Peak in search of some deep powder


Skinning up Gaylor with Mt. Dana in the background.


On the Sierra crest near Gaylor Peak's summit


Steeleman gets some fresh tracks under Mt. Dana (photo: DoctaPow)

mrs. madturtle


Group #1 spotted about halfway up the peak

Lunch with a view down the Dana Fork of the Tuolumne to Kuna Peak


Babse being VERY brave by attempting to adjust hammerhead pivot points on a powder day (do NOT try this at home folks)

Group #1 skinning up towards the crest, with our tracks showing

Tracey drops in.  Our skin track from TPR can be seen way down below.

DoctaPow rips it

More DoctaPow...

mrs. madturtle needs a snorkel

As does mr. madturtle








This could be any one of us, but I think it's Matt (lucky bastard!!)


I think DoctaPow is complaining right now about the poor snow quality

WARNING:  Repeated faceshots may result in the formation of dangerous helmet snowcones.

Stoked but tired group back in the lodge

Matt dusts off the year old barrel of Grölsch

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