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June 2004


... Continued

Part 2 Saturday:  Mount Conness

OK, so our luck did not improve immediately.  We drove over to the Saddlebag Lake road early Saturday morning; it was still gated shut despite recent Forest Service information to the contrary.  The unexpected road closure added about 2 miles and 400 to our approach not a huge deal, but we were somewhat puzzled to be hiking up a perfectly dry and clear road with skis, boots and other assorted gear items festooned to our backsides.  Fortunately, the weather was spectacular and we enjoyed our stroll with its accompanying views westward to the White Mountain ridge now drenched in the early morning sunshine.  We arrived at Greenstone Lake at 7:30 am and cached our overnight gear on slabs above the west shore.  We continued on with lighter packs and happier dispositions. 


Note:  clicking on any photograph will present a full screen version.

Loading up the Weekend Pack.  I'm looking slightly annoyed at the prospect of walking two miles up a stupid road with skis and boots on my back.

(photo:  M. Howard)

White Mountain Ridge.  Early morning sunshine kisses off of False White and White Mountain, as seen from the Saddlebag Lake road.

On the Dam.  Here's Matt not really heeding the sign's advice.  By the way, we saw some seriously large fish right above the dam.

Saddlebag Ridge.  Decent snow coverage started about halfway along Saddlebag Lake.  We opted to keep hiking all the way to our campsite instead of skinning up.  In the background are the nice chutes above Greenstone Lake, including the After Work Chute dropped by Mr. Powder in a classic teletips video.

"This is it".  We found a nice flat spot on the west shore of Greenstone Lake where we established our camp.  Boy am I glad to get that weight off my back.

(photo:  M. Howard)


Scrambling Above Greenstone.  Matt negotiating some of the slabs on the east ridge of North Peak.

Conness Glacier.  Looking up towards the many fine ski runs coming down off the Conness Glacier.

(photo:  M. Howard)




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