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September 2001 


Note:  clicking on any photograph will present a full screen version.

Mt. Ritter from Shadow Lake.  After about an hour and a half of hiking from Agnew Meadows, we reached beautiful Shadow Lake.  Mt. Ritter rises at the center of the photo, Banner Peak is at right.

The Minarets.  The late afternoon sun catches on the faces of the Minarets.   We stopped here above Ediza Lake to set up camp.  While doing so, we saw two climbers descending the large snowfield just below "the gap" (half visible at right edge of photo).

Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak.  Looking up to the Banner-Ritter saddle from our campsite high in the valley above Ediza Lake.  One afternoon, we saw three huge deer foraging in the shrubs and grass above our campsite.

Initial climb.  We departed our camp at around 7:30am and climbed directly up the rocky gully between Ritter Pass and Mt. Ritter itself.  Here I am ascending the steep rocks of the lower gully.  Although the rocks are smallish in places, it is very easy to zig zag your way up this part.


(Photo by Griffin Golamco)

The "Tree Rock".  Near the top of the lower gully, we came upon the "tree rock" from Alan Ritter's trip reports.  Unlike our June trip, where we continued all the way up and out of the gully, this time we angled to the right up some very steep grass and a series of cliffs.  The arrow indicates our line of travel.


(Photo by Griffin Golamco)

Above the tree rock.   Above the first small rock band, there are a series of grassy ledges and cliffs, all of which are fairly easy to navigate.  Here, Griffin hikes upward through the grassy area just above the chute.  Ediza Lake lies far below.



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