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May 2002 


Note:  clicking on any photograph will present a full screen version.

Clouds Rest.  Nice view of Clouds Rest above Tenaya Canyon on the drive up Highway 120.  The skies were so clear driving up that you could actually see the snowy peaks of the Sierra from near Tracy.

Tenaya Lake & Mount Conness.  I'll never tire of this view of the sheer west face of Mount Conness, just visible through the domes of the Tenaya Lake area.

Mount Dana.  The boring west side of Mount Dana, rising above Dana Meadows.

Mammoth Peak.  Seen from near the Mono Pass trailhead, this mountain forms the northern end of the Kuna Crest.

Getting Warm.  Skiing up to a basecamp this late in the day makes for some interesting stream crossings and routefinding.  After falling into the Dana Fork of the Tuolumne, I also collapsed a bunch of small snow bridges skiing up the Parker Pass drainage.


Parker Pass Creek.  Nice view up Parker Pass Creek to the head of the Kuna Crest.

The Big Kuna.  My first view of the Kuna Peak area (the actual peak is hidden behind the high point in this photo).  Our base camp was located at the bottom of the snowy slope at lower right of photo.  The Helen Lake chute drops down from the ridgeline right in the middle of the photo.

Moonrise.  Skiing in to camp, I had a beautiful sunset on my right, and a stunning moonrise on my left.



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