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Playin' Hooky

Mount Conness Self-Timer Odyssey, June 2005


Staring into the abyss along the North Ridge of Mount Conness


"I'm Outta Here"

A lot of people in my office were on vacation this week, taking advantage of July 4th for an extra day off. I was stuck at work, but with the place pretty empty I figured nobody would miss me on a random Tuesday. So after tucking the kids in bed, I bid my wife farewell and jumped in the soob for the drive to Yosemite. Passed all the familiar sights en route -- Jack Tone (aka "Jack Talk Thai") Road, Robertitos in Oakdale, Old Preist Grade, "Tie Dye Jerky Go Back" and more. Central Valley radio was rocking as always -- Rush, Boston, Clapton, Dokken(!!), ZZ Top, a little country and a lot of latin action. By 11pm I was at Tioga Pass, where I crawled in back of Mr. Subaru and passed out.

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