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January 2003


Day One: 

Nate and I left the Tahoe Pad and made it to the Bayview Trailhead at Emerald Bay around 7:30am.   We were on the snow about 30 minutes later.  Under cloudless skies, we skinned our way up the hillside to Granite Lake.  A magnificent early morning view over Eagle Falls Canyon and Emerald Bay greeted us at the first overlook.  Across the canyon, Jakes Peak and the Emerald Bay chutes were sparkling in the early morning sunlight.  Right then I knew it was to be a special weekend.  Winding our way past lovely Granite Lake, we made good progress skinning up the steep slopes to Maggie's Cleavage, the saddle between North and South Maggies Peaks.   From the saddle, fine views of Dicks Peak and Kalmia Ridge opened up to the west, complimenting our vista of the southern half of Lake Tahoe to the west.

I reached Chris on the radio.  He and Zeke and Fred were already skinning up Peak 9,190' above camp.  Nate and I peeled skins and quickly dropped the 500' or so to the campsite, where we met Charley and Mark.  After digging a quick snowshelter, Nate, Mark and I skinned back up and followed the gang up Peak 9,190'.  Charley headed off to ski the glades above Dicks Lake.

While we were skinning up, Zeke and Fred dropped down the east bowl and skied the gentle 1,500' run to Azure Lake.  As we arrived just below the summit of Peak 9,190', we admired their tracks and looked forward to our turn down the slope.  Chris also dropped into the east bowl, airing off the cornice and then arcing out into the lower bowl.  Chris looked pumped as he slid up to us, and then de-boarded in order to join us in booting back up to the summit. 

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Sunrise at Emerald Bay.  Nice view of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe, with Mount Rose on the horizon.

Jakes & Emerald Chutes.  These sunbaked ski routes loom above Emerald Bay.

Nate near Granite Lake.  Skinning up to Maggie's Cleavage takes you past small and scenic Granite Lake.

Kalmia Ridge.  Seen from the saddle, this view is of Kalmia Ridge (left), Janine Peak (center) and Peak 9,190 (right).  Dicks Peak sticks up slightly in the background.

Skinning up Peak 9,190.  Maggies Peaks behind me, with a sliver of Lake Tahoe visible.


(photo:  N. Roth)


Sierra Fred.  Dropping into the east bowl of Peak 9,190, Sierra Fred follows Zeke's nice ski tracks.


(photo: C. Gallardo)


Peak 9,190.  Summit rocks of this little peaklet above camp.  Fred and Zeke's tracks are visible.

Air it Out.  bcrider airs off the cornice and drops into the east bowl of Peak 9,190.

(photo:  N. Roth)

Arcing Turns.  bcrider lays down a monster carve off of Peak 9,190.

(photo:  N. Roth)

Stoked.  Any questions?

(photo:  N. Roth)

Does It Get Any Better?  bcrider has to pinch himself at the unreal terrain with the matching view.


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