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June 2002 


Note:  clicking on any photograph will present a full screen version.

Sunrise alpenglow.  From our makeshift camp at Saddlebag Lake, we had a nice view of the first rays of sun illuminating the ridgeline running southeast from the summit of Mount Conness.

Ready to hit it.  Fully charged after a nice five hours of restless sleep at altitude, Lance gives the thumbs up.

False White Mountain.  Another great ski descent from Tioga Pass is the east face of False White Mountain (12,002'), the pointy peak visible at left here.

Saddlebag hike.  We set off too early to take the water taxi to the far shore of Saddlebag Lake.  However, it is only about a 30-45 minute flat hike to Greenstone Lake from the dam (in the background, with Mount Dana rising above).

Mount Dana.  A nice shot of Mount Dana and its couloir (left of summit) from Saddlebag Lake.

Excelsior Mountain.  At the end of Saddlebag Lake, the views open up towards the Lundy/Virginia Lakes area to the north.   The broad hulk of Excelsior Mountain dominates the view to the north.  Excelsior is one of those non-descript, yet huge mountains that you can see from virtually everywhere in the Yosemite area.

Greenstone Lake.  At the lake, we picked up Chris and Sierra, and began to experience the curse of every California hiker -- the mosquito.  We fought over our lone bottle of deet, while swatting these annoying little bugs off of every exposed piece of skin.  Persistent little bastards, they are.

Group shot at Greenstone Lake, with North Peak in the background.



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